Tree Removal

As a last resort when the tree is deemed hazardous or to protect people or property, we recommend tree removal. Spike Tree Service will perform a safe, clean removal of the tree from your property.

Contact us to discuss your project in detail and we can give you recommendations and a free estimate.

Stump Removal

For all stump removal service we refer to our good friends over at Tri-Co Tree Movers.

Give them a call and let them know Spike Tree Service sent you.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming is one of the most important things you can do to keep your them healthy and to also protect them and your valuables, like your house, from storm damage. Expertly cutting back the tree canopy to allow for wind penetration will greatly reduce the risk of storm damage resulting in limb break-off that could fall onto your roof.

Ask us about trimming your trees in the winter. Once the leaves have fallen it becomes easier to see the trees limb structure.

Tree Clearing

When many trees are in need of removal, possibly for a better lake view or new construction, we can quickly and effectively clear the area so you can start your project.

Chipping/Wood Chips

Do you have brush piles or wood debris you would like removed from your property? We offer wood chipping and removal of any size. Wood chips can also be a great way to retain root moisture under trees and shrubs.


Sometimes steel cables are needed on larger trees to help reduce strain from major limbs and to help reduce damage to the tree during wind storms or excessive ice/snow weight.

For trees that are split, or are weak, bracing can be an effective way to bring longer life to the tree. Metal rods are inserted into the tree and cabled to help reduce further damage.

Storm Damage

With the unpredictable nature of, well, nature...Spike Tree Service is there to lend a helping hand if storm damage has affected you. Downed trees and limbs and be hazardous resulting in damage to your house, car, or business. We are there when you need us, responding in a timely manner.

Emergency Tree Service

Spike Tree Service is always available to respond to your tree service emergency. 24/7 on call service means you are covered if a tree has damaged your property even in the middle of the night.

Contact us and we will be there within 1-2 hours.